Stickers are a fantastic addition to your craft projects whether it is scrapbooking, making photo frames, decorating furniture, creating greeting cards and so much more. These sticky colorful accessories come in a wide variety of texture, shape, size and style. You can use the simplest of styles, such as bright and neon colored dots – like the ones you might use for a yard sale – and design everything from animals, insects, flowers and frogs. Cut the dots into different shapes to expand your options and get creative. Make a bright sun burst with yellow and orange colored dots. Arrange the sun’s rays in a curvy pattern.

Foam stickers are another terrific item to spruce up your craft projects. Foamies are available in a ton of different shapes such as hearts, four leaf clovers, diamonds, circles, squares, triangles, animals and letters and numbers. Sports fans will find foam shapes in their favorite team colors, mascots, decals and sports equipment such as balls, bats, gloves, helmets, tennis rackets, bicycles, skates and more. Foamies even come in Disney characters, cartoon characters, super heroes, Barbie and Dora the Explorer. Foam sticks come in themes as well such as school classroom, baby, graduation, wedding, shower and the list goes on.

Rub on stickers are another neat idea because you can use them on plastics, glass and metals. If you use a combination of rub on and stamp on sets the possibilities are endless. For a custom set of flower pots, use them on terra cotta clay pots. Create a set of display plates for wall art. Decorate an entrance or fireplace mirror. These work on leather book covers, wallets, belts and book bags as well. Turn your scrap book into a story book by turning photos into transfers. You can even enlarge them for a wall mural.

Three dimensional stickers give your work added pizzazz. Use them in children’s art and crafts projects as well as in jewelry pieces, in your photo scrap booking, when making cards and custom stationary and on toy boxes. You can also custom create your own treasure chest by using them, along with all the other varieties on ordinary cardboard boxes. Or, purchase the paper machete boxes that come in different shapes and sizes and apply the three dimensional puffies in children’s themes. You can fill the boxes with toys, crayons, really whatever you need to store and then stack the boxes in a corner to keep rooms neat and clean.