Sticker Maker


Sticker Maker

Find your inner artist by creating custom stickers with a sticker maker machine. They are easy to use and can transform any image, paper, or photograph into an adhesive decal. The stickers you design and print can be envelope labels, stationary, party decorations, or anything else you can imagine. The options are endless when using one of these handy machines in your party planning and craft projects. They are also inexpensive and make great gifts for the creative person in your life.

What is it?

A sticker maker is a small machine used to make unique stickers. These stickers can be used for anything from scrapbooking to organizing your kids’ toy bins. Any type of paper can be inserted into the device and turned into a custom-made decal. Draw a picture on a small piece of paper, cut out a piece of patterned paper, or turn photographs into stickers. The machine works by using adhesive paper to create decals with adhesive backing. They work quickly and easily and are appropriate for people of all ages looking to explore their creative nature.

What can you make?

Sticker maker devices give you the option of designing your own custom stickers by drawing your own pictures, adding written or printed text, and using printed designs such as from scrapbook paper. The stickers can be made for a variety of purposes such as wedding or party invitations, seating labels at special occasions, laptops, car or wall decals, business cards, home organization, scrapbooking, or to give to your kids as rewards for good behavior.

How to Use it

Sticker maker machines comes in different styles and models but most work in much the same way. After choosing the type of sticker you want to make, you will load the adhesive cartridge corresponding to the model you’re using. The cartridge is easy to install; open the cover of the machine and snap in the cartridge, being sure the large roll end is facing you. Close the lid and it’s ready to use. Place the sticker you have designed face-down on the sticker machine. You can use anything with a design, from your own drawing to a pretty piece of scrapbook paper. Allow the sticker to be fed through the machine and crank the arm of the sticker machine until the sticker comes out the other end. The sticker design will now be attached to adhesive backing that peels off easily.