Square Stickers


Square Stickers

Square stickers are an awesome way to create unique pieces of art work with your children, on your own, or even a group of friends. They are easily found in craft stores, or in a large sheet that can be printed or drawn on at home then cut to various sizes. The diversity of what you can do with them is endless. Decorating books, using them as labels for organizing or even placing them over magnets to liven up your fridge! Enjoy them the next time you decide to scrapbook your family vacation. Go ahead create your custom stickers today!

Square stickers can be used to create your own custom bumper-sticker, to promote a band or organization that you believe in. Promote your new business, or show how proud you are of your children. Some even come with easy peel off glue so that you never have to worry about that half tore off sticker you remember as a child or dread as a parent. There are many different websites that can help you create your own stickers with pre-made templates or up-loadable pictures. They print them for you and ship them straight to your home for you to enjoy.

Square stickers are a great choice for party notices, use them in invitations so your guest can stick the reminder right on their calendar, or straight on the fridge. Use them as wedding favors with your favorite picture of the wedding party or newlyweds. Your scrap booking guests are sure to love them! Send them out as invitations to children parties, the young guest name tags can even be included. Remember to include a fun image for the children to wear around. Enjoy creating something as memorable as a sticker invite. Don't forget to make a few for yourself too!

Square stickers are a great way to get your young children involved in learning and creating. Make letter stickers and let them label items around the house. Make sure to purchase easy peel off ones! You can also make a sticker notebook with all their favorite hand made stickers. Let them pick images off the computer and print them out at home. Use sticker making as a reward for good behavior and let them keep track on their own behavior sticker chart. Have a play-date with friends, let the kids decorate and place their stickers on there very own magnet.