Make A Sticker


Make A Sticker

Make a sticker could be the next big family thing. It’s really quite simple to do; all you will need is clear shelf lining paper, some sharp pointed scissors, a little bit of tape, your acrylic paints with paintbrushes and a disposable cup, with a little bit of water. Sounds like simple ingredients to me. Now cut your shelf lining paper carefully into two pieces making sure the pieces are the same size. Tape your shelf lining paper (backing side down, be careful and don’t peel off the backing), to a sturdy table being sure to do all four corners.

Make a sticker doesn’t have to be hard and you don’t have to be an artist, but if you if someone in your family has a knack for drawing get them to help you with this next step. Draw a picture on the paper any picture will do whatever you like. Now the fun part is painting it. Be sure to fill in your drawing and do not smear the paint. Use your water to clean off your brush before dipping it into different colors. I would recommend bright colors after you are done let your masterpiece dry following paint instructions.

You are almost through with make a sticker. Begin carefully peeling the backing off another piece of your paper. Now place the sticky side down on top of your art. Using your hands smooth all the air bubbles starting in the center and working your way out .Don’t worry about any stray bubbles you can prick them with a needle and they will flatten out after a little more smoothing. Begin removing the tape from your drawing, now you get to cut. Using your sharp pointy scissors carefully cut all your corners and edges .Now you are almost ready to stick.

Make a sticker was fun wasn’t it? Your last step in this easy to do family project, is quite simple. Simply peel off the second liner paper and you are ready to place you perfect creation anywhere you like. Stick them on your ice box, mirror or mayhap you might want to decorate a bedroom door or a wall. Need some ideals, how about making a sticker album for your next family project. Plenty of ideals and clean family fun. You could come up with a theme for your next session. Working with your children on this project will give you enjoyment for years to come.