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Peeeerfect!!! Thanks again StickerHub for supplying The Booby Trap Fishing Team with waterproof boat side decal/ stickers! The fishing team's one-stop-shop for custom made fishing stickers. Get Tight Suckas!  - Booby Trap Fishing Team

You guys rock.  Thanks!  -  Jess

Thanks Sticker Hub! Received the stickers yesterday. They look great!  -  Leezette L.


The stickers were just delivered and they look great! Thank you so much!  I will probably be in touch soon to order wall decals for my daughter\'s room. Thanks again.  Nicole P.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! :)  This is HUGE for our little fundraiser this week. :) You guys are awesome - I\'ll definitely be back to reorder more stickers when we\'re out. They turned out perfect. :)  Faith H.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU. The stickers look awesome. You guys are great!!!  Lauren

We got the stickers today and they look great!  Thank you very much for printing these up for us.  Your work will be displayed all over the world... and our appreciation can not be expressed enough.  LCDR Christopher M.

The stickers are great.  We will probably need more in the near future.  Nanette T.

Thanks again, people really like the last order I got from you. Surprised there are not more fans on your page, y\'all do really good work and prices are great. Thanks.  Michael

Smooth Sticker Sailing…

I contacted Sticker Hub on Friday with an impossible task (in my mind) due to my deadline. I needed four different custom printed oval stickers and I needed 500 prints of each by Monday. Btw Sticker Hub was the only company I could find that had a 3” x 6.5” oval sticker selection. I first talked with a really helpful customer service rep named Kristi. I was having trouble uploading my custom image into their system, which was my fault for not reading the how to part..lol.  I then called to get help. I was expecting to have to leave a message, because it was later in the day.  Although being after hours I was greeted with a friendly,” hello and how can I help you”?  I told Kristi that I was interested in using their system to upload custom stickers and also I didn’t have a template ready file. Instead of them instructing me how to use their custom sticker upload system, taking up more of my time, and trying to figure which types of files they use. She was like, here’s my email address I would like you to send me your files directly, and I will have our designers here take care of everything. Coming from a graphic designer’s viewpoint this was great for me. Saved me so much time, no longer did I have to resize, add my design to their oval sticker template, change file format, etc…

I emailed them my oval sticker images, and within the hour or two I had a proof ready image for each sticker mailed back to me.  I was shocked to have such fast service and turnaround.  I was emailed by guy named Sean. He was very professional, and was ready to provide me with a quote and had no doubt in his mind that they couldn’t get my sticker orders done and shipped to me by Monday. They said even if they had to stay over late it would be done. I was amazed that there were still online companies out there with great customer service and willing to bend over backwards to get the job done.

Once I received the invoice I was shocked once again. Their custom printed sticker prices were really cheap and the overnight shipping was nothing. I thanked Sean for his ability to get the job done, and I can assure you our company here at Holden Roofing will never use another sticker company for our custom sticker needs!

Today the oval stickers arrived and they are beautiful. The stickers look exactly like they did on my computer screen. I was very excited and proud to know these element proof- weather resistant stickers were top quality.  When a sticker is placed on a car, fishing boat, RV, or anywhere, it’s important the sticker looks sharp because it represents your company and has your logo on it.

Fast, Top Quality, Best Customer Service…

I give Stickerhub.com 5 star rating!


Jeremy Miles