Bumper Sticker Printing



Bumper Sticker Printing


Bumper sticker printing is a fun crafty hobby that is also useful and even profitable if you'd like. Traditionally, bumper stickers were just for car bumpers, but they can be used anywhere they will stick. Decorate your room or pass out as party favors. Stick them to cardboard and create instant signs for fundraising, rallies and more. Print pictures of vegetables and stick them to garden states to organize a garden, or of course put them on your car as an expression of who you are. No matter what you use them for bumper stickers are a terrific way to get your point across.

Bumper sticker printing does require a few tools. The tools include a bumper sticker graphics program, paper, ink, UV protective spray, a printer, and scissors. You can also use a regular desktop publishing program with a bumper sticker template or a word processor. Templates can be found online on many craft pages, sometimes for free. The paper needs to be an adhesive-backed paper, or if you use a vinyl printer, then adhesive-backed vinyl material is preferred. Use the UV spray once the ink is dry. A light spraying will protect your bumper sticker from the sun, wind and rain.

Bumper sticker printing can be a good way to earn extra money. Nearly everyone has a bumper sticker on their car. Many have more than one. Possibilities are almost endless. If it is political or funny people will like it because they can extend their personality and therefore, their individuality to their car. Religious bumper stickers also sell well. The best way to start a bumper sticker business is like any other business, draw up a plan first. Add up the costs for materials and decide how much you will charge for the finished product. Brainstorm some ideas that will make people laugh or think when they read it, something that makes them feel they can relate.


Bumper sticker printing for fundraising also does well. There is a plethora of charities available who want to draw attention to their needs. Businesses also have a need for mobile advertising. They often buy bumper stickers to give away to clients in the hopes the client will advertise for free just by driving their car. Both businesses and charities are likely to order your stickers in batches. No matter why you create your bumper stickers be it for profit or just plain fun; it will remain a hobby you can always enjoy.